BSPB helps the fire brigade in Bourgas 07/17/2013

Expert from Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was invited by the Regional Department Fire Safety and Civil protection – Bourgas to present snake species in Bulgaria. The presentation will show basic and easy ways for catching snakes as the firemen received many signals about snakes inhabiting settlements.
Yurii Kornilev from BSPB will present the snakes that could appear in the region as well as how to react in case of snake bite.
This workshop is part of the efforts made by BSPB for co working with different institutions and organizations in the region that face common problems and look for various alternatives for solving nature conservation cases. This is the way for providing additional expertise how to react in cases involving wild animals. We expect that in result of this workshop firemen will be able to give adequate information to citizens and thus the fear of snakes and other reptiles will be decreased.