Let’s protect the Bourgas Lakes – play about the life in the lakes 06/01/2013

„Here are the swallows”……. This is the beginning of the story about the lakes. The story is a special gift to Bourgas citizens made by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. It goes on like this: “But the swallows are not the only birds that return here in spring…” The story retells about all the troubles caused to birds by people on the territory of the Bourgas Lakes. The pollution, poaching and the attacks of dogs and jackals cause great inconvenience to our flying friends.
This story, as all good stories, has a happy end because the volunteers from the students’ camp at Atanassovsko Lake help the birds to survive.
This interesting story was told by the little actors from “Talantino” theatre and the dancers from studio “Dune” on the stage of House of petrochemists.
The public was thrilled by the action on the stage and applauded all the participants.
The play “Let’s protect the Bourgas Lakes” was created within the framework of the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes” funded by EU program LIFE+ implemented by BSPB.
Those who missed the premier could be able to watch it soon and to see on the stage many birds, poacher with a gun and hungry and evil dogs.