Nature Conservation Center “Poda” welcomes the students to investigate the smallest inhabitants of the lakes on new platforms 04/24/2013

New platforms for investigation of water organisms are built in the yard of Nature Conservation Center “Poda” managed by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. The two platforms are placed near the Center. They were especially built to give the opportunity to the students to investigate the water life.
It is for the first time in Bulgaria that such equipment is used for educational purposes. The idea came from Royal Society for the Protection of Birds which is a partner of BSPB for the implementation of the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes” funded by EU program LIFE+.
On the platforms the children who visit the center could take water and investigate the life in it. With the help of landing net they collect water organisms, place them in a tank with water and investigate them. This is an exciting process as the students find in water shrimps, cladocera, small fish and other inhabitants of the waters of protected area “Poda”.
The young explorers find out what is their “catch” by using special guide and with the help of BSPB expert. The children of Bourgas enjoy very much learning in nature. Over 100 students and their teachers have already tried the new equipment of the Nature Conservation Center near Bourgas. The platforms for so called “pond deeping” give chance to every child to take water with the landing net and to identify the “treasure” in it with a magnifying glass.
The investigation of water organisms of PA “Poda” is part of the educational program of the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes”. The team of BSPB in Bourgas expects that its implementation will reveal new horizons to teachers and will give them the opportunity to make the education more interesting, practical, amusing and useful. Learning about the nature outside the classrooms and near the nature itself is the first step towards development of correct attitude and true love to nature.
Nature Conservation Center “Poda” offers more and attractive innovative models for teaching. Come and visit us!