120 pairs of Sandwich Terns settled down on the island constructed for Pied Avocets in Atanassovsko Lake

This spring 120 pairs of Sandwich Terns settled down on the artificial island that was made especially for the Pied Avocets in the southern part of Atanassovsko Lake. Two years ago volunteers from all over the country build a huge island in the shallow lagoon Atanassovsko Lake where the Pied Avocets could nest. Next spring the island was inhabited by 28 pairs of Pied Avocets. They share their new home with 8 pairs of Common Stilts and 2 pairs of Common Terns.

Spur-winged Lapwing visited Bourgas Lakes

Spur-winged Lapwing was observed while feeding in a field near Mandra pond a few days ago. This is the fifth observation of the species in Bulgaria. The last one was in 2010 and the first – in the remote 1960. All the observations were made in the region of the Bourgas wetlands. It is interesting that 53 years ago the Spur-winged Lapwing was seen in Mandra pond and nowadays it visits the same place again.

Great Bittern booms in the Bourgas Lakes

The mating calls of two male Great Bitterns were heard by birdwatchers in Bourgas Lakes. The specific bull-like boom was heard among the reeds of former breeding ponds near Vaya Lake. It is too early to say whether the species nests here or not but according the experts the reed beds of breeding pond are suitable nesting place for Great Bitterns. The presence of nests will become clear in a month during the next monitoring.

Small reed bed in Protected Area “Poda” near Bourgas was burned successfully

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds applied for the first time in Bulgaria the method of burning reed for recovery of wetlands. The experiment was implemented in Protected Area “Poda” near Bourgas. There last week was burned small reed bed. Ten years ago such experiment was implemented in the reserve “Srebarna” and in the Bourgas Lakes but the results were negative in both cases.

The birds in the lakes feel the coming spring

The birds in the Bourgas Lakes already feel the coming spring. According the experts and volunteers from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds this is visible from their behavior. “Great Cormorants repair their nests on the electric pylons in the protected area “Poda”. Some of them are breeding”, said Vladimir - one of the participants in the regular monitoring of the wetlands near Bourgas. During the last week volunteers watched mating dance of Western Marsh-harriers which are permanent inhabitants of PA “Poda”. “The birds mark their territories over the reed beds. The Mute Swans furiously persecute the rivals for “their” water mirrors”, tell the witnesses.

The draft of the Wetlands Action Plan in Bulgaria was discussed in MEW

The draft of the Wetlands Action Plan was discussed on public hearing in Ministry of environment and Water (MEW) yesterday. This extremely important document for the protection and management of the most valuable wetlands in our country was improved thanks to the constructive proposals, additions and corrections that were made by the participants in the meeting. The draft was proposed by experts from IBER at BAS, basin directorates and Regional Inspectorates at MEW, representatives of NGOs and other caretakers.
The executive-minister of MEW Evdokia Maneva opened the meeting.


The photo competition “Seed of Love through your camera” appointed three winners

Photograph called “I’m coming” made by Noncho Iliev won the photo competition “Seed of Love through your camera” organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). The notes of the 26 years old author say: “When one of the birds ventures to approach, soon the others come too”. The picture presents feeding of a Great Tit while another bird dives attracted by the tasty seeds.

159 pictures of 64 photographers took part in “Seed of Love through your camera”

159 pictures made from 64 photographers all over the country take part in the photo competition “Seed of Love through your camera”. The competition attracted people with good hearts feeding the passerines in winter. The pictures were made in Sofia, Pernik, Kardzhali, Debelets, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Aitos, Stara Zagora, Vratsa, Russe, Varna, Elena, Pomorie, Krapets, Shumen, Yambol and Assenovgrad. The participants are people with various age and occupation.

BSPB trains the farmers how to apply for European subsidies

On 7 May 2013 Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) will organize information workshops for farmers from the region of Sliven and Southeastern Bulgaria. The new agro-ecological activities of Measure 214 and the possibilities for application for European subsidies will be presented on the workshop.