November 2011 – 10,000 Pygmy Cormorants Hibernating in Burgas

More than 10,000 Pygmy cormorants have been observed wintering in Burgas in November. Almost 60 percent of the global population of the species spends the winter months around the Burgas Lakes. This winter, there are an estimated 16,000 individuals of the species within Bulgaria, most of which are found in the lakes around Burgas. In previous years, there were between 7000 and 8000 Pygmy Cormorants observed. However, this year’s early counts have already resulted in a significantly higher number.

Burgas Lakes – a rest stop for dozens of Night herons this winter

This year 61 Night Herons have remained to winter in the Burgas Lakes. Ornithologists sighted the birds during their monitoring of a group of Pygmy Cormorants. Night Herons were seen among the thousands of Pygmy cormorants in the heart of Burgas, resting very close to a large department store.

Burgas Lake welcomes its first White Headed Ducks

In late November, Burgas Lake welcomed its first White Headed Ducks of the year. In Vaya Lake 260 individuals of the species were observed. In December and January the number is expected to increase. Burgas Lake provides food to nearly 700 to 800 White Headed Ducks during the cold months of the year.

Conservation brigade dedicated to the protection of lakes will be undertaken as part of the “Days of Volunteerism in Action” in Burgas

The “Days of Volunteerism in Action” project is organized by the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and the City of Burgas and is devoted to supporting volunteerism and its development in the country.
A film about the environmental brigade "Atanasovsko Lake - 2009" will be part of the events planned for the days of volunteering in Burgas. It will be aired to the public on November 23, 2011 (Wednesday) at 18:00 in "Petya Dubarova" in the Cultural Center of Burgas.