Great White Pelican Phillip welcomes its mates First Great White Pelicans returned to Bourgas Lakes

On 13th March 2012 the Great White Pelican Phillip that lived for two months at Nature Conservation center “Poda” finally welcomed its mates returning to Bourgas Lakes. Now the chances of Phillip to fly away with them increased immensely. The return from Africa of the Great White Pelicans in our country means that the spring is coming soon. The first birds from the species feed at Bourgas Lakes on their way to the Danube delta.

Meet Spring Alive together with 38 countries

On 1st of March starts the seventh edition of the educational campaign Spring Alive organized by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds [BSPB] and the International Nature Conservation Center BirdLife International.
The idea of the initiative Spring Alive is to meet the spring together with the birds returning from the South and thus to become part of the biggest spring bird watching in Europe. How does it happen? Everyone who wants to participate should look at the sky and meet the migrating birds. After that the participant should share the observation on the official site of the campaign The main rule is to register only the first observations of five migrating bird species: White Stork, Barn Swallow, Common Swift, Common Cuckoo and European Bee-eater. Last year on the internet site of Spring Alive were registered over 127 000 observations.