Small reed bed in Protected Area “Poda” near Bourgas was burned successfully

Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds applied for the first time in Bulgaria the method of burning reed for recovery of wetlands. The experiment was implemented in Protected Area “Poda” near Bourgas. There last week was burned small reed bed. Ten years ago such experiment was implemented in the reserve “Srebarna” and in the Bourgas Lakes but the results were negative in both cases.

The birds in the lakes feel the coming spring

The birds in the Bourgas Lakes already feel the coming spring. According the experts and volunteers from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds this is visible from their behavior. “Great Cormorants repair their nests on the electric pylons in the protected area “Poda”. Some of them are breeding”, said Vladimir - one of the participants in the regular monitoring of the wetlands near Bourgas. During the last week volunteers watched mating dance of Western Marsh-harriers which are permanent inhabitants of PA “Poda”. “The birds mark their territories over the reed beds. The Mute Swans furiously persecute the rivals for “their” water mirrors”, tell the witnesses.