The hunters in Bourgas and BSPB work together for nature protection 05/15/2013

The team of the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes” implemented by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was invited by the hunters in Bourgas on the general meeting of the Association of Hunters and Fishers “Lebed”.
The general meeting was attended by chairmen of all punitive detachments in Bourgas region. The team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in Bourgas used the opportunity to meet with most of the hunters in the region. On the general meeting the team gave presents to the hunters – Bird Guide for hunters.
The Bird Guide was developed and published in order to help hunters from coastal areas to identify endangered water birds and to make difference between them and those allowed for hunting.
In the Bird Guide for hunters are presented 63 bird species – protected and allowed for hunting with similarities and differences between them, diurnal birds and birds species whose hunting is regulated. The small book is very useful during hunting as it helps hunter to identify the game.
On the general meeting were given 70 Bird Guide for hunters to the participants as well as many posters presenting the life of Atanassovsko Lake, Bourgas Lake and Mandra-Poda complex and pin budges with image of Pygmy Cormorant which is protected species.
The development of the Guide was a long lasting process in which took part some hunters from Bourgas. Their ideas and recommendations were very useful. Now our efforts are concentrated on the distribution of the Guide. We hope that it will reach every hunter in the region. The PDF file could be downloaded from: