„Let’s protect the Bourgas Lakes” – a story of birds, dogs, jackals and people 06/05/2013

On Friday on the stage of House of petrochemists exactly at 18:00 will land Pelican, Pied Avocet, Eurasian Spoonbill, Common Stilt, Sparrow and many other birds inhabiting the Bourgas Lakes. They will tell you about their troubles in the lakes while looking for food, breeding or resting. The little actors from “Talantino” theater and the dancers from studio “Dune” will play the roles of the birds from the wetlands around Bourgas.
These are the heroes from the play “Let’s protect the Bourgas Lakes” whose premier will be on 7 June 2013 (Friday) at 18:00 in the House of petrochemists. The entrance is free. This play is a special gift from Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and Bourgas Municipality to all small, elder and elderly girls and boys. Everyone who wants to get acquainted with the flying wealth of Bourgas Lakes and learn more about our nature is very welcome to join us!
The story is told by the most attractive “inhabitants” of the lakes – birds which are the main acting characters in the play. The scary dogs and jackals and dangerous poachers also took place in it. As it is in all tales, our play has a happy end that is due to the most warm-hearted people who always help the lakes – the volunteers.
The play was developed within the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes”, funded by EU program LIFE+ implemented by BSPB in partnership with Bourgas Municipality, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Chernomorski Solnitsi AD and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
We will be there. What about you?