Life of the Bourgas Lakes is a tourist route that offers to the citizens and guests of Bourgas  new way of acquaintance with valuable natural and historical places in the region. Its creators – Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) and Bourgas Municipality would like to turn the Bourgas Lakes into suitable and favorite visiting and resting places and to attract public attention to their protection. The tourist route presents Bourgas as European destination for bird watching of rare birds.

 Life of the Bourgas Lakes is a journey through various places around the only big European city surrounded by lakes, protected areas and sites, possessing managed reserve and over which is passing the migratory route Via Pontica.

The tourist route was developed within the framework of the project “Life for the Bourgas Lakes” implemented by BSPB and funded by the EU Program LIFE+.

The route includes 12 sites placed around Atanassovsko Lake, Bourgas Lake – Vaya, Mandra-Poda complex, Odonata reserve, Deultum archeological reserve near Debelt village and Natural history Museum in Bourgas. All these sites could be visited during the whole year except the Train of Salt. During the different seasons they offer different emotions and experiences in the Bourgas Lakes region.