Salinas train

The most interesting attraction is the Train of Salt, operated by Salinas AD. The small railway train operates from the beginning of May till the end of September. The journey along the dykes of the lake among salt mountains is entirely dedicated to salt production. The surprises for those that experience for the first time this trip follow one by one. Here the visitor could see the pinky-red waters of Atanassovsko Lake (its copy right), thousands birds flying over the water, enormous white mountains of salt – bohors, that appear under the competent hands of the salt producers. Here you could witness how the sea water turns into salt crystals with the help of blast and hot sun rays. Let us leave you to find by yourselves the other secrets of the lake.

You could reserve your journey near the salt waters of Atanassovsko Lake on telephone 076 701


The train starts its journey from Northern Salinas and travels among the basins for salt production.

How to get there?

By caryou should travel along the way from Bourgas to Varna. On the branch to Kableshkovo village you should follow the sign for Northern Salinas. Immediately you should turn left and pass under the bridge of the main road Bourgas-Varna. At the end of the road you should turn right and after 400 meters you will end up in front of the barrier of Salinas AD.

Public transport it is not very convenient but you could use bus 61 which travels to Rudnik village. You should tell the bus driver that you are going to Northern Salinas. On the bus stop you should cross the road and walk towards the salt basins.

Bicycle long but very pleasant journey. The route is long but you will have the opportunity to cross the Sea garden of Bourgas and then to ride your bicycle along the Black Sea. The adventure includes passing by the basins with curable mud and lye in the Southern part of Atanassovsko Lake. After the last barrier you should turn left and move along Atanassovsko Lake. Thus you will reach the salt basins.